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Why VDH/SSV breeding

For more than 80 years, the SSV has been the sole club keeping the stud book for all four Swiss Mountain Dog breeds: Appenzeller Mountain Dog, Bernese Mountain Dog, Entlebucher Mountain Dog, Greater Swiss Mountain Dog.

The purpose of this association is to promote the pure breeding of these breeds. The focus is on the preservation and consolidation of the pedigree dogs in their pedigree purity, their nature, their constitution, the perfect appearance and their good qualities as a family, companion or working dog.

Breeding is subject to the strictest criteria, which are intended to ensure the breeding quality and, in particular, the health of our dogs.



Buy the puppy from a breeder who is a member of a pedigree dog breed club affiliated with the VDH, because one of the strictest breeding regulations in the world applies to them, based on animal welfare-oriented aspects.

Elaborate breeding programs to avoid genetic defects and close cooperation with science and research pursue one goal: the breeding of healthy and socially acceptable pedigree dogs. The pedigree certificates of the VHD ensure that strict litter and breeding controls are carried out.




What you should know before buying a puppy when looking for a

serious breeders should consider and note:


1. Don't buy a dog out of pity or impulse. Take your time choosing a reputable breeder and choosing the right puppy. Check which of the four different mountain dog breeds suits you and your needs.


2. Be careful with newspaper advertisements and internet offers if a breeder offers different dog breeds there at the same time!


3. Visit the breeder several times while raising the puppies. Do you get comprehensive and serious advice from the breeder?


4. Does the environment/breeding facility make a good and well-kept impression?


5. Does the breeder inquire about your living conditions and the conditions of keeping the puppy, or is he not at all interested in who he is selling his dog to?


6. Is the puppy more than eight weeks old, vaccinated, dewormed and clearly identified (microchip) when it is handed over? Have the relevant evidence (e.g. litter acceptance protocols) presented to you before you buy.


7. Is the puppy hale and hearty and lively?


8. Are the puppies shaped towards people, ie do they happily meet you and aren't shy?


9. Can you visit the puppies in their everyday environment with the mother animal?


10. Mountain dogs need a lot of attention and a close bond with their family. Therefore they are completely unsuitable for a kennel attitude.

Source: SSV Germany eV

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