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Baxter's character

Baxter is a very friendly, curious, safe and well-balanced Swiss. Sleeping is one of his biggest hobbies. He is always where we are, never leaving our side. He thinks it's stupid to be alone outside. He likes to lie in the middle of the courtyard (never alone)  and watches the street and the children playing in the neighbor's garden. If we have visitors, whether they are strangers or familiar, they are greeted in a friendly manner. Barking is rather rare.

On our walks he loves to run through water and high grass (in short: his funny 5 minutes are really funny to watch). If we meet a deer, rabbit or other game, we only look at it curiously. We think he knows he wouldn't be able to catch her, so it's not worth trying  :-). Baxter is more of a leisurely fellow, every effort is carefully considered to see if it could be worth it. He greets other dogs in a friendly manner.
Of course, our Baxter is also stubborn, otherwise he wouldn't be a real Swiss. He likes to be bribed with little treats from time to time.

We are happy to work together on the dog training ground (obedience and nose work). There he is affectionately called Slo-mo-bax by everyone. Since he does all the exercises superbly, he only does it in his usual slo-mo movement. Hectic is different. He's calmed down.
His motto: There is strength in stillness :-)

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